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Orion Infiniti

Bogota Colombia
Orion Infiniti specializes in providing hardware, communications and software, engineering and consulting to companies seeking solutions in the fields of Internet of Things (IoT), and M2M (Machine to Machine or communication between machines). With more than six years of exploring, deepening and applying advanced technologies in the intelligent measurement of energy networks, Orion has appropriated the concept of the Internet of Things as a philosophy to deploy solutions in different sectors that can take advantage of these new technologies.

Ante Meter Group

Zhejiang, China
One of the largest and most modern companies with a very high degree of robotization, vertically integrated dedicated to the development and production of smart electric meters, energy efficient lighting, management of industrial parks and international trade. R & D laboratories in both Shenzhen and Wenxi, Zhejiang. Established in 1984

Ningbo AIMEI Meter

Zhejiang, China
30 Years of experience in the manufacture of water meters, is one of the main industrial references of China since 1987.

Sapphire Meter

Zhejiang, China
Integrated and modern company with R & D for the manufacture and sale of gas meters. With abundant financial resources and a strong technical force, administrative personnel with skillful techniques and years of rich experience in different aspects, such as product design, technical processes, production, quality inspection and marketing. Meets OIML Standards


Maryland, USA
American company based in Annapolis, Maryland, which develops computer network technology for business, industrial and construction clients of large housing projects. LinkLabs markets applications and IoT devices (Internet of Things). Its LoRa and Symphony Link communications platforms in gateways and communications devices have allowed us to lead the field in the field of intelligent measurement with remote communications and reading.

Rokk3r Labs

Florida, USA
Rokk3r Labs is a platform that provides all the talent of its strategists, creatives and engineers to design, build and launch exponential products and services based on IoT, all over the world. It also provides additional resources (business development, investment, hiring, legal support, training, tool sets) to our organization.


Zhejiang, China
Sapphire Group company that designs and manufactures communication platforms for our gas and water meters based on IoT. HART complies with the global LoRaWAN standard for sending and receiving digital information.


Zhejiang, China
Suntree has begun the prelude to the construction of its own brand. After 10 years of experience, Suntree has won up to 40 patents, including 10 invention patents. During this period, Suntree not only acquired Shenzhen Litto, to enter the market of On- and Off-Grid investors, but was also qualified as a high-tech company at the state level and a center for research and technological development, and became in suppliers designated by the China State Energy Network.


Guanzhou, China
ZCET is a leading high-tech company that produces intelligent energy measurement systems (for electricity, water and gas), meter boxes, smart circuit breakers and customized power management systems to optimize operator performance. billing processes, resource management and energy distribution.


Shanghai, China
LINYANG Electronics was founded in 1995 as a manufacturer of electronic energy meters in the initial stage. As the economy in China developed rapidly and the demand for electronic energy meters increased annually for the transformation of the grid infrastructure, LINYANG grew extremely fast based on the efforts and contribution of all company personnel. Through its development since its foundation until now, LINYANG has become one of the three main suppliers of smart meters for the China Energy Network. It has a large production capacity of more than 23 million units of various types of energy meters and energy management devices, which made it one of the largest manufacturers of energy meters with its own brand and for several world famous brands .


Shenzhen, China
RisingHF focuses on innovation and product development of the new generation of LPWAN technology with an end-to-end IOT solution that is offered to the customer and the market. Its products are mainly focused on smart city, tracking and locating people and assets with a total solution provided to customers. Our LPWAN solutions use RisingHF gateways and communication modules in many vertical applications that have been widely recognized by the industry.
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