What is T-Box?

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T-Box Model ZC 1399Centralized Energy Measurement

The tendency of public utility companies is to achieve the integration of computer technologies to physical structures, especially in the energy sector where it is sought that the resources used in generation, transport and distribution of energy have a better use.

The T-Box is a high strength polycarbonate box that is made up of a group of 12 single-phase meters with a special knife-type design, a data concentrator (DC) with local and remote communications, 12 remote screens to install inside the home of the end user (UIU)


Technological advances, new consumer trends and climate change have considerably increased energy demand; In addition, the subsidized construction industry is booming.

Tecun siempre busca ir a la vanguardia en el ofrecimiento de soluciones de altísima calidad y con la mejor tecnología. Hemos desarrollado T-Box que además de permitir el manejo de la información de consumo, conexión y desconexión de forma remota, ayuda a mitigar el fraude en aquellas zonas donde los clientes estadísticamente se han caracterizado por tender a hacer diferentes tipos de manipulaciones a los medidores eléctricos.


The box has a special insurance and opening sensor. If it is opened without proper authorization, a total disconnection event is generated and an automatic alarm is recorded, avoiding unauthorized consumption.

The meters installed in the T-Box can be programmed independently through the concentrator, so that if a user is in default in the payment of their service, it can be remotely disconnected without affecting the other users of the box. Once the user pays, the reconnection can be made remotely without having to incur additional expenses for personnel who move to the point.

The T-Box is designed to be installed in places beyond the reach of users and can be located both on a wall and on a pole. The hardware for installation is included.



General characteristics


of the T-Box

  • 12 single-phase meters 5 (80) A flexible configuration
  • Material Polycarbonate (PC) of high performance in insulation, impact, corrosion, aging and fire retardant
  • Meets DLMS / COSEM standard
  • Weight: 19 Kg
  • Dimensions: 650mm X 550mm X 150mm

Characteristics of the data concentrator

  • RS-485 port GPRS port
  • Infrared port for local communication
  • Indication LEDs on the nameplate
  • Voltage: AC 120 ± 20% (single phase)
  • Frequency: 60Hz (-6% ~ + 2%)
  • Working environment: Relative humidity: ≤100%
  • Temperature: -40 ° C ~ + 70 ° C
  • Power consumption ≤3W
  • Port for box opening sensor
  • Comply with the following rules:
    • Q / GDW 1374.2
    • Q / GDW 376.1-2012
    • DLMS / COSEM: IEC62056-21

Characteristics of the UIU (User Interface Unit)

  • The UIU is used as a complement to the single-phase energy meter, it is installed on the front of the house or inside the home, while the meter is installed inside the T-Box
  • The UIU is equipped with an RF485 port for communications with the meter Reading mirror of the meter memory
  • Extended life (minimum 15 years)
  • High contrast backlit liquid crystal display (LCD).
  • Compatible with STS technology for prepaid applications.

Characteristics of the meters

  • Voltage: 120V Currents: 5 (80) A
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Blade type assembly
  • Constant: 3200 imp / kWh
  • LED indicator of no charge
  • Internal connection and disconnection device
  • Communications: RS485, Infrared (IrDA)
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