What is AMI?

AMI system Advanced Metering Infrastructure TECUN - LINYANG

The new generation AMI system from LINYANG and TECUN is a highly integrated network and a systematic solution for measuring, collecting, storing and analyzing the consumption of users in electricity, water and gas services.

The energy infrastructure of Latin America has remained almost intact during the last decades especially in its physical part and the way in which consumption data are collected.

At the same time the demand is constantly growing and users are distributed through increasingly extensive and remote areas over the years.

The ideal for the energy sector or the main trend is to achieve the integration of computer technologies to physical structures so that the resources used in generation, transport and distribution of energy have a better use.

The AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) system is adapted to the current needs of the energy sector, with the possibility of being integrated to the management of data collection from other sectors and sufficient adaptability to take advantage of and manage new applications in the future.

The problem

Energy companies are faced with an increase in demand, different operational and environmental constraints and aging infrastructure in many areas, with high rates of non-technical losses

How to solve it?

The process of automated data collection is seen as the most appropriate way to streamline operations.

An integral way of stoking operations and providing a service with the value that customers require is the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) of Tecun-Linyang.

Through the implementation of the network AMI of Tecun-Linyang, the communication with the meter is bidirectional allowing the collection, sending, administration and analysis of the data with a higher frequency


The system AMI of Tecun-Linyang It allows us to know much better how and when energy consumption is generated, increasing the effectiveness in the administration of resources, the management of customers and the control of non-technical losses, which translate into economic losses for energy distribution companies. even the countries because of the governmental or public nature that still exists in the majority.

The system AMI of Tecun-Linyang It is composed of smart meters, concentrators, data collectors and a series of special devices through which it is possible to perform readings, interruptions and reconnections remotely, considerably reducing the operating expenses that these activities generate so far.

``Todos los equipos del sistema cumplen y exceden los standares que recién se han desarrollado en la Comunidad Económica Europea e igualmente han sido adoptados por la región Latina para este tipo de sistemas.``

Structure of the system

AURORA® software

  • Administration of residential measurement reading
  • Administration of the reading of measurement Commercial / Industrial
  • Macromeasurement reading management
  • Administration of the sale of pre-paid energy
  • Administration for the rational use of energy (Smart Home)
  • Analysis and energy balances for decision making
  • System Administration
  • Advanced Applications